Murder Mystery Dinners

P1030851If you are looking for ideas to really entertain your gathering then a Murder Mystery dinner is a GREAT idea.

I had my own birthday House party at the Healthy Home over the summer and chose the Mayan Murder Mystery from Red Herring Games. I was impressed that the company founder was a member of the International Crime Writers’ Association. I paid extra to have the scripts adapted because the group was not an even number and there were more men than women so some of the characters had to be changed. The game can be downloaded or you can pay extra like I did to have all the invites and script booklets printed out in colour which adds impact (but is not necessary to the success of the game).

What made it fun was the pre-event excitement as guests were invited as their alter ego character with a brief for how they might dress and bring any props. Preparing the character costumes was all part of the fun. We even had a group on WhatsApp to share teasers before the weekend.. guesing who had been assigned what character! Then on the night it was wonderful to see the effort everyone had gone to to be in character and dress for the part. Highly recommended. I think this photo conveys some of the atmosphere of the night. We are all still talking about the evening and intend to meet up bringing our alter ego characters to life again.

If you hunt around the web there are all sorts of ideas for fun and games …. this is a link to 50, Cheap Creative ways to have Fun. Make the most of your party event in the Healthy Home.

One of our guest parties in September decided to follow suit with a Murder Mystery dinner for a 40th birthday … looks great fun:

Jonathan Holmes Murder Mystery Guest

Jonathan & Karen’s 40th Murder Mystery party


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