Special Features

The house is a product of loving design and attention to detail, curving surfaces and all natural materials including wood, marble and natural eco paints & resins. The sensitive renovation & building work inspired the ground-breaking book by Gina Lazenby called The Healthy Home. Many principles of her first best-selling book The Feng Shui House Book are incorporated into the design. People visiting from the city often find they sleep unexpectedly deeply, feeling rested and rejuvenated. Everyone leaves feeling refreshed.

Hundreds of years of rural history
The Healthy Home is a collection of buildings which is an interesting accumulation of old and new. The original house is a two-up, two-down crofter’s cottage, over 350 years old with one section, the Library (and the cottage guest room above) dating back at least 700 years. It may even be well over 1,000 years, according to a recent archeological survey which found stones here matching Skipton castle. The attached barn, which now houses the Dining Room, main lounge and guest accommodation, was converted from a shelter for cows to a nurturing human habitat in 1999.  All the timbers and slates were reclaimed and re-used in its construction.

2005 new building added
The new wing at the top of the house was added to host retreats, meetings and workshops. This New Building used recovered local Yorkshire stone for the outside walls and the roof has slates taken from old local mills. The unusual floor to ceiling windows give spectacular views over the Airedale and the edge of the Yorkshire National Park.

DSC00983Click here to read and see more about how the new building was constructed.

All naturallow allergy
Wherever possible natural, non-chemical alternatives have been used including eco paints, wood stains and finishes made from resins, paper & sheep wool insulation, cork tiling and coloured clay plaster. Housekeeping materials include e-cloths, Ecover products and old-fashioned vinegar used for cleaning instead of harsh chemicals. Tea tree oil is used as a disinfectant. A magnetic laundry ball is used to replace laundry detergent.  The minimisation of household chemicals really helps to create a low toxin environment which is great for allergy sufferers.

Deeper sleep – Wellness Air & Water
We also make extensive use of Nikken’s Wellness Home products. The water comes from our own spring but is re-energised after treatment in the cellar by a Pimag system which restructures the water to make it more absorbable by the body than normal tap water. The Air Wellness filters introduce ionized air into the bedrooms (and meeting rooms) and this helps with better sleep and mental clarity. Most beds have a magnetic mattress which deepens your sleep by reconnecting you with earth energy, and a far infra red reflecting quilt which gives you  the warming and cleansing energy of sunlight stimulating a gentle detox while you sleep.

Modern electrical disturbances have been minimised
In addition to the lack of chemicals, there is hardly any radiation or disturbance from intrusive EMFs. These invisible vibrational fields are some of the greatest sources of environmental stress so the experience of visiting here is one of being in a calm, quiet natural haven – very restorative to all the senses and the spirit. Special switches have been installed in the new building so that the flow of electricity can be stopped to create a very calm space.

Until recently, there has no wi-fi here so access to the internet was set up via multiple cable points and although we get mobile phone coverage, we are miles from a mast. With the arrival of iPhones and tablets demanding wireless connection we now have wifi but confine it to a zone so that the house can remain electrically calm and guests can still connect with the outside world!  The big meeting room has Natural Vision ceiling lights with natural daylight bulbs for greater clarity but no harmful radiations or glare and no brain disturbance from sub-liminal flickering.

P1100886The garden is an oasis on the hillside landscape
The garden is an absolute paradise for local wildlife and each year, since the large pond was created in 2004, more and more migrating birds get wind of this special sanctuary and add it to their favourite places to visit. Depending on the season you might see red-legged partridges, pheasants, finches, robins, hares, ducks and rabbits many coming to the kitchen door looking for food. In this remote location there are few human neighbours – just sheep and cows on the other side of the ancient, hand-crafted stone wall.

In addition to the garden nature haven, there is a small woodland behind and a protected hillside wild garden at the top. Organically cultivated for the forty five years of ownership, the garden is quite a nature sanctuary…. we’ve counted 30 species of birds from collard doves to lapwings, curlews, barn owls and sparrow hawks.

We highly recommend that you take some time to walk out in nature while you are here. One of our favourite walks is 10-minute excursion to a standing stone that we have placed in the ground on one the ancient walkways.


The house is away form the road and very secluded with the most amazing views


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