The Books

DSC02325In 1996, Gina Lazenby was commissioned to write what would become a hugely successful book, The Feng Shui House Book, selling almost half a million copies worldwide.

Following her success in bringing together ancient wisdom from the east and modern interior design of the west, Gina had been instrumental in creating the world’s first professional training school in feng shui attracting a pioneering group of people from all over the world who would become the first generation of western feng shui practitioners.

The London-based school ran pioneering courses with the leading edge thinkers in this emerging field who Gina had managed to find and bring together from four continents. She was then determined to create a simple, practical coffee table publication that would explain the old complex principles of feng shui and make them relevant to urban life in the 21st century. Retreating to the Yorkshire Dales to work on the book, Gina set up home in an old cottage in Skipton.

DSC01820_2Meeting Yorkshire-based Morel Fourman, she had the opportunity to create a partnership where the two of them could research and try out many ideas about creating a non-toxic, healthy environment that was not only beautiful but also peaceful and actively supporting well-being.

The Healthy Home emerged from a tiny crofter’s cottage with redundant barn into a large 3-dwelling property built on a hillside to take advantage of the spectacular panoramic views. It became a beautiful home, both elegant and rustic, a retreat space and educational resource, and another best-selling book was born.  Since then, Gina has continued to embody and live the principles of the Healthy Home, choosing non-chemical alternatives for interior decoration, natural housekeeping solutions, low-impact electrical wiring and a natural wholefood diet.

Now…. two decades later, during which time the Healthy Home has been a family home and retreat space that has welcomed friends, family and retreat-seekers from all over the world, this haven is now available to be shared by other groups seeking to meet, gather or holiday in a special, sacred space.

Both books, together with a smaller publication called Simple Feng Shui, are sadly now of print but they are findable on various websites. In the spirit of good feng shui and clutter clearing, it’s good to know that there is a strong second hand market for the books!





2 Responses to The Books

  1. Fiona Holmes says:

    I am looking for accommodation for 11 adults and 1 baby from the 8th Jan 2016 for the weekend for my partners 30th Birthday. Could you please let me know availability and price . Fiona


    • ginalazenby says:

      Hello Fiona
      I just saw you requested about the house on the blog … will email a bit later with the price. Yes it is available that weekend and it is perfect for birthday celebrations 🙂
      kind regards


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