6 Reception Rooms

Relaxing:  In addition to the Kitchen, there are six areas for sitting, relaxation, entertainment and enjoying the magnificent views: a large lounge in the Barn with wide screen TV & DVD; a 2nd huge Party Room (useful for retreats & presentations) has the best views; a second storey Panorama Room with fantastic views of the valley and facing the sunrise; a cosy Tea Parlour with sofa, lost of seating and vintage china; a beautiful conservatory built out into the woodland with great views; and a smaller conservatory space in the Barn leading onto the top terrace. So many spaces to come together in community or slip away and have quiet retreat time. In 2019 we created a brand new Dining Room next to the Kitchen in the oldest part of the property .. the Peel House which dates back over 700 years.  We took a store room and made a large room with Dining table for fourteen and an extension table to seat more, if needed.

The new ‘old’ Dining Room with space for more than 14 chairs and a second table that be added on

The Barn Lounge with the large TV and DVD player…. and a conservatory sitting area by the patio windows with doors out on to the top terrace

The welcoming Tea Parlour is a great place to linger, enjoy the vintage china for a special tea and use as an HQ to plan walks and trips out with the local information

The Panorama Lounge in the New Building with magnificent views over the valley. Another lounge or a space that the occupants of Bedroom 6 can keep to themselves to form a private suite!


The Conservatory built out into the private woodland with breathtaking views over the valley


The biggest room in the house is the Party Room in the New Building which is great for dancing (speakers in the ceiling) and can also be cleared of all furniture for Yoga Retreats with space for 12+ mats. 



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