Special offer for November – Welcome Supper on arrival

Roaring log fire in the kitchen warms your bones and the cockles of your heart !

Roaring log fire in the Healthy Home kitchen warms your bones and the cockles of your heart !

Calling all Scorpios with a milestone birthday this year … book your Celebratory weekend in the Healthy Home and we will cook you a wholesome Welcome Supper.

You’re arriving Friday night… it’s dark, cold and wintry outside … but inside, the house is all lit up inside, there is a roaring log fire, the heating is on in every room, your bed has a hot water bottle … and there is a winter pie ready in the oven. No need to go out again to the local hostelry, and after your long travels you don’t feel like cooking …. so what better welcome than a tasty dinner all ready for you.

Special Offer for November weekends this welcome meal will be prepared and cost just £95 for 14 people. A bargain for three courses. We will leave the soup, meat pie, vegetables and dessert ready for you to enjoy once you have all arrived.

Book now: 6 Reception rooms including a Party Room with games, 6 bedrooms, sleeps 14 for two nights … Friday & Saturday, costs just £990 … and with the Welcome Supper included just £1085. You can make it a LONG weekend and enjoy the whole of Sunday here, relaxing together before going home in the evening.   Add £100.

Of course if it’s not a milestone year or not even your birthday, no matter … you might just want to celebrate friendship … we are the perfect place for a group. It’s that time of year for Christmas shopping so you can take the opportunity for bargain hunting and finding unusual and different Christmas gifts:

  • Skipton Market – famous across north England
  • Historic Howarth – cobbled High Street full of boutiques (as well as Bronte history)
  • Boundary Mill outlet store in Colne (only 15 mins to hundreds of designer bargains)
  • Grassington village – interesting and unusual gifts

“The best place we’ve stayed – highly recommended!!” Paul R

“Fantastic place to stay!” Dave S

“ WOW! The Healthy Home is one of the most breath-takingly fantastic homes we’ve ever stayed in. We’d recommend the Healthy Home to everyone .. fantastic!” Daniela


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The best seat in the house is not in the house …. !

P1040291with the endlessly changing skies you could sit here all day and see a beautiful evolution of nature. To the left of the seats the sun comes up and often fills the sky with a rose and golden dawn, to the right the sun goes down and again streaks the sky with golden trails.

P1030876Since we moved the chairs here they seem to be a magnet for people to aim for … when the Solar Panels were installed, the scaffolding team took an impromptu break and one by one, laid down their tools and went over to sit on the chairs to take in the vista.


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Autumn Beauty

WP_20150928_005Even when the sun is not shining there is beauty in the morning mists and grey dawn light as spider’s webs are revealed with their moisture-laden lace pattern.

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Book a caterer for your event

So many people are booking the Healthy Home for celebration weekends … it seems to be the perfect choice for them. When we greet the new arrivals we see how many groceries they bring with them and know how much work has gone into the pre-weekend planning… and that’s just the start of course. Cooking for 12 for a weekend is no small task! During that time there will usually be one really special meal where the group will celebrate the reason they have come together. So far we seem to have hosted virtually every milestone birthday: 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 75th, 90th … Weddings, Golden Weddings…. what else is left ?

Apart from dining out at one of many great local eateries, there’s always the option of bringing in a caterer. That way you can still enjoy the atmosphere of the house and the beautiful views but you have not had to do all the hard work in the kitchen.

Have a word with one of these local companies.

Rural Recipes 01765 620567 (Based between Skipton & Harrogate)

White Rose Caterers Office: 01274 772 676 & Mob: 07740 862 613 (Based in Silsden)

Delicious Buffets Office: 01535 632717 & Mob: 07974 501398 (Based in Silsden)

Fine Catering Mob: 07940 935128 (Based in Keighley)

Amaali Kashmiri Catering 07906294476 (Celebrated Kasmiri spice champion in Skipton)

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Tapping in to the Yorkshire Sunshine …

P1040585Solar Panels are now fully operational at the Healthy Home. We have already supplied 350 units to the national grid in the first couple of weeks so when you make your cup of tea just imagine that your kettle is being powered by the Yorkshire sunshine (yes we do have it) from our roof! So exciting ….. on sunny days the excess power generated will be piped through heaters to keep the fabric of the building warm (our 2-foot thick walls filled with rubble when built several hundred years ago in the oldest part of the cottage are not easy to heat!). When you stay here, you will be showering in water powered by Yorkshire sunshine 🙂

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The famous Treasure Hunt Game

When I was a child I can remember sitting at the top of the stairs, peaking through the banisters when I should have been asleep, watching my parent’s friends enjoy themselves at one of my parents many parties.  They always seemed to be celebrating something!

My Dad is a great Party Game organiser and he has a cupboard full of games, quizzes and even magic tricks for both adult parties and kids’ birthdays. One such game that has endured over the years is the “Treasure Hunt”. He is a master at this. He places everyday objects in plain sight and you have to peer into every corner to see if you can spot them. Sometimes you can be looking straight at something for ages and never see it !

Once he gave a clue which was “Hand grenade” … no more information than that. The mind boggles. This was one of his most fiendishly difficult challenges. When we found it it was a small grenade belonging to the Action Man doll and was attached to the silver tinsel hanging around a mirror. Wowzer!

If you’d like to have fun for 1-2 hours hunting for Treasure (one of your party has the list of clues with instructions for finding the location of the actual item) then let us know and we’ll set you up. All you need to bring is a prize suitable for your group and event to give to the winner (and maybe the runner up too).

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Fun and Games with Fashion Crimes – bring out your inner child!

IMG_1883If you are looking for a bit of crazy fun that you can enjoy inside or out, then how about Pass the Parcel – adult version, or should I say grown-up style!

Start off in a circle, your choice of music, and pass a bag around. One person needs to be in charge of the music stopping and starting. When the music stops, the person with the bag has to open it and choose a brown-paper wrapped parcel. They open it and then must wear whatever has been unwrapped. The laughs come according to who has to wear what … our group above had some fun squeezing Grandad into a blue halter neck evening top! We can set this game up for you … for just £20.

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