6 Bedrooms

Sleeping: There are six formal bedrooms which sleep 10-12 people  (4 double beds, 2 twins). Three lounge spaces have sofa beds and the house has abundant space for 8 to 12 people to be accommodated in different configurations. Each bedroom has its own character & depending on how you use the sofa beds, a family party of 12-14 could be accommodated. There are 2 bathrooms, 2 shower rooms and a laundry with an extra WC in.


Bedroom 1 – the twin in the cottage. The original bedroom in the house. Located above the kitchen and has bathroom adjacent.


Bedroom 2 – the double in the cottage, with views over the front garden and moorlands at the back



Bedroom 3 – the double in the Barn with views onto two aspects .. over the hills to Howarth and the moors behind the house.


Bedroom 4 – the twin in the Barn


Bedroom 5 – the Secret Bedroom, the second double in the Barn with views over the wildflower field


Bedroom 6 – the double in the New Building with bathroom next to it and Panorama Lounge








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