6 Bedrooms

Sleeping: There are six bedrooms which sleep 12-14 people  (2 doubles, 2 kings and 7 single beds). Suitable for 6 couples or up to 14 for a mixed group of singles. The Panorama Lounge has a sofa bed to be used as an extra single sleeping space.  Each bedroom has its own character and the house is made from three buildings joined together. The old Cottage has two bedrooms (4 beds), the Barn has three bedrooms (6 beds) and the New Building has one bedroom (1 bed).  Two rooms can serve as family suites with beds for parents and 1-2 children. We have a travel cot. There are 2 bathrooms, 4 shower rooms and a laundry with an extra WC in.

Bedroom 1 – The twin room in the olde cottage. The first bedroom in the house with views over the garden and pond. Located above the kitchen with shared bathroom adjacent. Called Robin.


Bedroom 2 – a king size bed with a single, can be used as a family room. In the cottage, with views over the front garden and moorlands at the back. Called Peacock.


Bedroom 3 – the family room in the Barn with a King size and two extra singles. Has views onto two aspects .. over the hills to Howarth and the moors behind the house. Called Partridge and has a Pear Tree outside

Bedroom 4 – the twin room in the Barn. Called Tewit (the old name for a Lapwing)

Bedroom 5 – the Secret Bedroom, the second double in the Barn with views over the wildflower field and the front entrance. Called Dove

Bedroom 6 – the double in the New Building with a private bathroom next to it and the Panorama Lounge which can be used as a totally private suite or as a shared space. A great place to watch the sun rise. The sofa here can be used as a sofa bed. Called Goldfinch







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