Closest Supermarkets for food buying

The nearest small grocer is the Co-op in Crosshills, after that, the 12 minute drive to Skipton will take you to Tescos (24 hours). There is also Morrisons near the Train Station and an Aldi on the road out to Keighley.

Supermarket food delivery

Tesco and Morrisons both deliver and are Skipton based. We have seen guests organise food vans from Asda and Sainsbury’s in nearby Keighley

TIPS: Be sure to give our correct address and postcode which you will received from our driving instructions. Remember the house cannot be seen from the road. The driver bring in creates of groceries and unless you are there to unload, these groceries will be dumped in the top hall and the trays taken back on the van. Be ready to received.  there is no need to buy bottled water as we use our local spring water cleaned in the Cellar by the UV system.