The best seat in the house is not in the house …. !

P1040291with the endlessly changing skies you could sit here all day and see a beautiful evolution of nature. To the left of the seats the sun comes up and often fills the sky with a rose and golden dawn, to the right the sun goes down and again streaks the sky with golden trails.

P1030876Since we moved the chairs here they seem to be a magnet for people to aim for … when the Solar Panels were installed, the scaffolding team took an impromptu break and one by one, laid down their tools and went over to sit on the chairs to take in the vista.



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Gina Lazenby - supporting women being successful in business & at home. Philosophy: Success without balance is not success. KEY WORDS: Social entrepreneur, champion for feminine leadership, advocate for women in business, best-selling author, Yorkshire-woman, Global citizen, professional cook, authenticity, maven, PR maestro, pioneer, change agent, wholefood, nature, technology, home-maker, trail-blazer, wisdom, making a difference, Hunger Project, all things Mac, inner peace, balance, train traveller ......
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