Book a caterer for your event

So many people are booking the Healthy Home for celebration weekends … it seems to be the perfect choice for them. When we greet the new arrivals we see how many groceries they bring with them and know how much work has gone into the pre-weekend planning… and that’s just the start of course. Cooking for 12 for a weekend is no small task! During that time there will usually be one really special meal where the group will celebrate the reason they have come together. So far we seem to have hosted virtually every milestone birthday: 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 75th, 90th … Weddings, Golden Weddings…. what else is left ?

Apart from dining out at one of many great local eateries, there’s always the option of bringing in a caterer. That way you can still enjoy the atmosphere of the house and the beautiful views but you have not had to do all the hard work in the kitchen.

Have a word with one of these local companies.

Rural Recipes 01765 620567 (Based between Skipton & Harrogate)

White Rose Caterers Office: 01274 772 676 & Mob: 07740 862 613 (Based in Silsden)

Delicious Buffets Office: 01535 632717 & Mob: 07974 501398 (Based in Silsden)

Fine Catering Mob: 07940 935128 (Based in Keighley)

Amaali Kashmiri Catering 07906294476 (Celebrated Kasmiri spice champion in Skipton)


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