Tapping in to the Yorkshire Sunshine …

P1040585Solar Panels are now fully operational at the Healthy Home. We have already supplied 350 units to the national grid in the first couple of weeks so when you make your cup of tea just imagine that your kettle is being powered by the Yorkshire sunshine (yes we do have it) from our roof! So exciting ….. on sunny days the excess power generated will be piped through heaters to keep the fabric of the building warm (our 2-foot thick walls filled with rubble when built several hundred years ago in the oldest part of the cottage are not easy to heat!). When you stay here, you will be showering in water powered by Yorkshire sunshine 🙂


About ginalazenby

Gina Lazenby - supporting women being successful in business & at home. Philosophy: Success without balance is not success. KEY WORDS: Social entrepreneur, champion for feminine leadership, advocate for women in business, best-selling author, Yorkshire-woman, Global citizen, professional cook, authenticity, maven, PR maestro, pioneer, change agent, wholefood, nature, technology, home-maker, trail-blazer, wisdom, making a difference, Hunger Project, all things Mac, inner peace, balance, train traveller ......
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