The famous Treasure Hunt Game

When I was a child I can remember sitting at the top of the stairs, peaking through the banisters when I should have been asleep, watching my parent’s friends enjoy themselves at one of my parents many parties.  They always seemed to be celebrating something!

My Dad is a great Party Game organiser and he has a cupboard full of games, quizzes and even magic tricks for both adult parties and kids’ birthdays. One such game that has endured over the years is the “Treasure Hunt”. He is a master at this. He places everyday objects in plain sight and you have to peer into every corner to see if you can spot them. Sometimes you can be looking straight at something for ages and never see it !

Once he gave a clue which was “Hand grenade” … no more information than that. The mind boggles. This was one of his most fiendishly difficult challenges. When we found it it was a small grenade belonging to the Action Man doll and was attached to the silver tinsel hanging around a mirror. Wowzer!

If you’d like to have fun for 1-2 hours hunting for Treasure (one of your party has the list of clues with instructions for finding the location of the actual item) then let us know and we’ll set you up. All you need to bring is a prize suitable for your group and event to give to the winner (and maybe the runner up too).


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